{"Aabenraa": {"la": 55.065748, "br": 9.365509},"Aalborg": {"la": 57.042074, "br": 9.917916},"Aarhus": {"la": 56.151801, "br": 10.198732},"Esbjerg": {"la": 55.469216, "br": 8.457038},"Haderslev": {"la": 55.2522028, "br": 9.4899965},"Herning": {"la": 56.133938, "br": 8.976997},"Holstebro": {"la": 56.364755, "br": 8.621196},"Horsens": {"la": 55.862968, "br": 9.837685},"Kolding": {"la": 55.492045, "br": 9.482312},"København": {"la": 55.669783, "br": 12.565446},"Middelfart": {"la": 55.5117, "br": 9.76769},"Odder": {"la": 55.9711946, "br": 10.1497001},"Odense": {"la": 55.3535, "br": 10.405},"Odense_Banegård": {"la": 55.403359, "br": 10.387459},"Randers": {"la": 56.463893, "br": 10.014337},"Ringsted": {"la": 55.4530789, "br": 11.7897625},"Roskilde": {"la": 55.64838, "br": 12.132092},"Silkeborg": {"la": 56.171177, "br": 9.553591},"Skanderborg": {"la": 56.042968, "br": 9.924045},"Sønderborg": {"la": 54.910761, "br": 9.793928},"Vejen": {"la": 55.493785, "br": 9.127942},"Vejle": {"la": 55.706271, "br": 9.537541}}

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Hyggeligst og billigst - over storebælt

Enjoy the view over Storebælt when we cross the bridge

Stay possitive it is costless


Gratis WiFi - gratis kaffe - gratis film på eget device

Relax with free coffee on your trip, while you see our big selection of movies on your own tablet or surf the free WiFi.

Gratis kaffe og WiFi


Our new webpage is now online!

New route to Amsterdam and Hamborg

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